Norton Family

A parental control product with many teams building on many platforms, Norton Online Family was in need of a structural modernization as well as a visual upgrade to bring it into fighting form against other consumer apps. At the same time, Symantec's mobile guidelines were in a state of flux, and with huge visual changes coming for both Android and iOS, we needed to build a product that better served its own customers' needs and provided guidance to our other consumer software development teams.

I led interaction and visual design for Norton Family on all platforms, and worked with our product team in SF to conduct user research and testing. I started with Android, the flagship platform for Family's safety features, but simultaneously designed a new iOS app, Mac and Windows clients, as well as a major update to the parent dashboard on web.

A defined set of user personas (here are two) allowed us to check all our development stories against "who are we helping here?"

A parent might use the app on both their child's Android device and their own iPhone in the same day, for example. The design of the app had to be familiar to users of both platforms, but maintain the same navigation flows and strong brand identity.

The default set of avatars for the app needed to be updated without confusing all the current users that used them for identification. I took the primary color from each cartoon portrait and drew new ones consisting solely of the old color.